Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Element Case Sector 5 Au iP 5/5s

Element Case Sector 5 Au iPhone 5/5s

Rp.425.000, -
The Sector 5 Au is part of the Gold Collection and features gold anodized links to match the very popular gold iPhone 5s.
The Sector 5's super thin multi-link perimeter frame design is comprised of 8 individual links to create a modular design that allows endless customization or upgrade possibilities. Each of the 8 links are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum billet as well as a proprietary aerospace polymer which maximizes signal strength.
A single screw removal system allows the multi-link design to “unfold” for quick and easy installation. The Sector 5 comes with a genuine super plush gold Ultrasuede back plate.
NOTE: The 8 pin connector port on the bottom of the iPhone case has been designed to accommodate the original connector included with the iPhone 5 and aftermarket connectors may not be compatible.
Indonesia Review
Produk yang berkelas dengan besutan lapisan Au (Warna Emas) sangat mewah dan memberikan kesan elegant dan lebih percaya diri, melindungi iPhone anda dari benturan yang akan terjadi. Contact kami untuk kejelasan leih lanjut.


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